The shoe body of Acu Force is made of advanced artificial leather (microfiber), has good toughness, and folding resistance, and is lightweight.
Pique fabric is used inside: Pique has better air permeability and moisture permeability, can absorb sweat more and is not easy to deform after absorbing sweat. The color fastness is good, and the color is not easy to fade after washing.
The rubber sole has good wear resistance, and elasticity, is not easy to break, has good softness, good extensibility, stable shrinkage, waterproof and other properties.
The large-area flame shape and the mixed design of jumping color contrast make the shoe shape of the simple upper more layered and visual.
Classic and versatile, with super high recognition.
The style is more versatile, the pure color is a no-brainer match, and the mixed color can be matched with light-colored tops or embellished colors according to your preference. It is recommended to wear it with a pair of stockings to complete your style.

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